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How to distinguish between genuine and fake Pokemon cards
3 months ago

Playing games is a good way to pass time and to avoid idleness. There have been numerous inventions of various games that help in keeping you busy at all times. Pokemon card is a type of card where players assume the duties of a pokemon trainer and use their cards to battle their opponents. In this game, there is usually six cards and a win is achieved when you draw all of them. When a player is knocked out, the player who does the knock-off draws a prize card. Due to the fun associated with the game the production of pokemon cards has been on the rise so as to meet the current market demand. This has resulted in the production of fake pokemon cards that deceive customers and are of low quality. This is done by greedy manufacturers who only want to reap maximum profits in the market. When buying pokemon cards it is advisable to have some tips so as to determine the original ones.

You should check the display of the cards. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the various types of pokemon cards beforehand. This can help you identify certain features that may be absent in the fake species. You should be suspicious if a card appears questionable in the display. You should have a thorough check up on the display so as to guarantee you have the genuine type.

You should also consider looking at the attacks and the HP. In case the HP is anywhere above two hundred and fifty or there is an absence of the attacks, then this is a clear indication that the cards are fake. Also if the HP has the number after the initials, then the cards are not original.

You should look for spelling mistakes and fancy borders around the outline of the Pokemon card. If there is a presence of spelling mistakes then the likelihood of the card being fake is high. Also when the borders around the pokemon picture are questionable then the card is a duplicate.

You should look at how the energy symbol is designed. In fake cards, the energy symbol is larger than normal and have a certain aspect of distortion in it. The genuine ones have no form of distortion in their energy symbols thus you should be keen to check it out.

The text calibrated in a fake pokemon card is of smaller fonts than the one found on genuine cards. This should be a guiding factor when you are buying a pokemon card.

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